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Ceara Lynch - Born This Way

23 December 2020
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Ceara Lynch - Born This Way

Title: Ceara Lynch - Born This Way
Description: There’s nothing you can do to make a girl want you. It’s not your fault; you were just born that way, completely undesirable by the opposite sex. God put you on this Earth to be a servant to women like me. No girl will ever show you their pussy, let alone fuck you. I don’t want you to feel completely useless, so you should consider spending the rest of your days as my cuckold sissy. You need a Domme bitch in your life to control you and make you her slave. Since you don’t have a chance with a woman, there’s no need for you to get erections anymore either. I never want to see anything that even looks like a hard cock between those legs, especially when I give you permission to rub your clitty.<

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