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Inside a snow ball

5 November 2019
Inside a snow ball

Date: APRIL 18, 2016
Title: Inside a snow ball
Models: Snow Gill
Site: pjgirls.com
Description: We say "they're all pink on the inside", and that's true (unless you're a green-skinned alien from Star Trek). But the pink looks even better when it is wide open, and even better still when the skin that surrounds it is so pale. Don't get us wrong—all skin color is great when the woman gapes, but Snow Gill has very pale skin indeed (and, of course, she gapes :-)

Red-haired Snow starts in a slinky blue top that covers her small firm breasts, and little shorts that don't cover her smoothly shaved pussy for very long at all. She teases us with a little strip-tease before sitting down facing us, spreading her legs and stroking her pussy, giving us hints of a gape. You can see that she's an inexperienced model (she moves too much, and doesn't know how to show us the goods as well as an experienced model), but when the speculum goes in, we forgive that.

Our photographer gives us wide shots and closeups, and Snow shifts to a wide-open squat and then a nice rear-view with the speculum inside her. For you biology fans, you can see that her pretty cervix is offset a little laterally (that is, to the side), but don't worry, it is perfectly normal. We can also see that her vaginal muscles are very strong when she clamps down on the speculum. The camera zooms in for some nice closeups, and you can see how opened up snow is on the inside (you can also see from the ripples of her vagina that she can open up even more). What's really hot is when she contracts her vaginal muscles, you can see different parts of the inside of her cunt moving at different times, so that it all looks very alive inside that wet cave.

Pink on the inside, and we get to see it all!

Format: MPEG-4
Size: 363 MiB
Duration: 12 min 7 s
Resolution: 720 x 1 280
Antivirus status: Safe

Inside a snow ball

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