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Inside Daisy Lee

5 November 2019
Inside Daisy Lee

Date: NOVEMBER 2, 2016
Title: Inside Daisy Lee
Models: Daisy Lee
Site: pjgirls.com
Description: Daisy starts this video relaxed, squatting with her legs spread wide, her vagina stretched open with a clear plastic speculum and her cervix clearly visible at the bottom of her cunt. And she's smiling. So if the yawning yoni wasn't enough to get you going, the smile will prove to be contagious.

As if the deep pink hole wasn't enough, Daisy reaches around in her squat to stretch her perineum and her anus a little, spreading the pleasure and pressure to the entire area between her pretty legs. And we can clearly see that her smile is not faked, as a small trickle of her vaginal lubrication drips down her taint. The camera pans up and Daisy Lee loosens her black bustier, unlimbers her firm young breasts, and massages them for us while still aiming her open hole at the camera.

Daisy then treats us to a more extended perineal massage as she pulls and rubs, and gyrates her his so we can see all around the insides of her stretched open vagina, and see her cervix from all angles.

The pink vibrator has been sitting on the couch all this time, so when she rotates the speculum to expose her clit, we know what's coming (and soon to be cumming). Daisy stays in her spread-wide squat as she applies the vibrator's head to her clit, and we get to watch her labia jiggle, her pudenda flush with pleasure as her soft moans and gasps get stronger. She grabs her left tit and squeezes the vibrator hits higher speeds, and when she cums it is a long, drawn-out thing. She stays in her squat as she finally (with a laugh of pleasure) withdraws the speculum, and she keeps her legs open for us until the screen goes black. See you again soon, I hope!
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Format: MPEG-4
Size: 352 MiB
Duration: 8 min 16 s
Resolution: 720 x 1 280
Antivirus status: Safe

Inside Daisy Lee

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