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Ukrainian Hottie

5 November 2019
Ukrainian Hottie

Date: OCTOBER 31, 2016
Title: Ukrainian Hottie
Models: Sasha Zima
Site: pjgirls.com
Description: PJGirls member Moesanfan says Sasha is a MILF. I think he's right, so that must make me a dirty old man. And I'm okay with both labels, especially since Sasha gets creative in her poses...

She starts the scene on the white couch in a black bikini ensemble, and teases the foot-lovers with a few minutes of foot play. Then she rolls onto her back, but with her head facing the camera, looking at us upside-down, and takes off her bra. Her nipples are large and erect, and we get to watch her play with them in profile. She swirls her fingers around her nipples, tugs at them, massages and jiggles her tits for us for a while, and it is quite, um... tittilating :-)

After getting herself all hot and bothered, she slides off her panties and (still facing away from us), hikes her hips upwards with her knees near her ears. In yoga, this is the plough position, in porn it is the piledriver, and since this is porn (and not yoga), she stretches her pussy wide open for us to look into. First two fingers and then four are used to spread her vagina wide, and then a glass dildo probes and pulls out to reveal a big gape.

There is lot of probing and stretching (and some very juicy closeups) before Sasha gets into a more conventional pose, on her back facing the camera with legs and cunt opened wide. But conventional or creative, Sasha has the... characteristics... we like :-)
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Format: MPEG-4
Size: 918 MiB
Duration: 21 min 6 s
Resolution: 720 x 1 280
Antivirus status: Safe

Ukrainian Hottie

Categories: Fisting
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