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5 November 2019
Sexy Milf

Date: OCTOBER 24, 2016
Title: Sexy Milf
Models: Steffi
Site: pjgirls.com
Description: Steffi is very sexy in her long lacy (and mostly see-through) black nightie, as she lounges on the back of a white couch. She slowly lifts up the nightie and slowly spreads her legs to reveal matching black panties, but the camera zooms and the panties are pulled aside to reveal her smoothly shaved pussy (and soon enough, the panties are pulled down so that her naked twat is much more readily visible. Steffie then rubs her lips with both hands, squeezing her labia together, then grabbing one in each hand, pulling outwards so her cunt opens up and we can see the pink annulus of muscle that defines the entrance to her vagina. Her clitoral hood is very well defined as she pulls and presses her rubbery flesh for us.

Then the camera moves back a little, and Steffi demurely looks at the camera as if to say "yes, I know you're watching... here, let me show you some more!" as she massages her labia, stretching and pulling and compressing so that her vagina opens and closes for us, amd then opens again.

With her smooth long slite still ponted at the camera, she reaches behind her neck to loosen the nightie's top, freeing her soft breasts for a massage. Then she slides her butt forwards to stick her pussy in our face, and pulls hon her outer labia some more, before doing a reacharound spread. There is something very pink about her insides, contrasted with her slightly darker pink of her labia majora and the paleness of her skin that makes her so very attractive (as if any woman spread wide and naked could be anything other than attractive), but the way she almost shyly looks at the camera emphasizes her wide-open vulnerability. Our cameraman also gives us some nice closeups, where her omanko fills the screen.

Then Steffi inserts two spit-moistened fingers into her twat and pulls it open for us, so we can see the ripples and folds of her vagina, before turning around and facing away from us (or if we're looking for pussy, facing towards, it is all a matter of perspective). Up until now, Steffi has been open but has not truly gaped wide, but now that the pressure of her internal organs is changed, her cunt opens up and her vagina finally gapes wide open for us. And once again our cameraman gets in extremely close, so that we can see her pussy moving as her muscled gently contract (and we can hear her cunt gently making wet noises).

We finish with more in-vagina finger spreads. Steffi does not have a huge cunt like some of our models, but she is very classy and very sexy about showing what she does have in loving detail.
The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: SEXY MILF - October 18, 2016.

Format: MPEG-4
Size: 963 MiB
Duration: 21 min 59 s
Resolution: 720 x 1 280
Antivirus status: Safe

Sexy Milf

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