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Inside Alice Nice

5 November 2019
Inside Alice Nice

Date: OCTOBER 21, 2016
Title: Inside Alice Nice
Models: Alice Nice
Site: pjgirls.com
Description: Bucket cunt. That, my friends, is the view that we are treated to from the very start of this video featuring the lovely Alice Nice. She's o her hands and knees in doggy style, her butt is up in the air (so her internal organs pull down and help to tent her insides open, and she has a spread-wide speculum holding her vagina open wide. Alice swivels her hips as the camera zooms in closer so that we can see evey side of her straining pink bucket. And what you will notice is that her vagina is completely smooth.

As you know, the vagina is wrinkled and rippled so that it can expand, and because Alice's vagina is completely smooth, we know that it is opened up to the max. And looking into her wet pink bucket, we realize that this is just the fist couple of minutes, and things are just going to get better!

Alice starts be contracting and relaxing her pussy muscles, but she also alternately bears down and relaxes. When she bears down, you can her hear breathing stop, and watch as the cervix at the bottom of her vagina pushes out towards the camera. When she relaxes, her belly and the bottom of her cunt drops and opens up wide again, and her cervix retracts. It is a fascinating view of a woman's inner topology as the dimensions distort and restore (but we never tire of the view). It is even more exciting because she's doing it for us (and special thanks to our photographer for finding something new to watch!). It is hard work for the model, and we thank her for the effort!

then Alice gets on her back, with her legs spread very wide (and her cunt still stretched wide-open with the speculum) and proceeds to give us a deep frontal open-hole bear-down show. Her heavy breathing attests to how hard she's pushing (as if you couldn't tell by looking inside her), and she even gapes her asshole a little but for us.

Then the speculum is turned sideways and Alice massages her clit for a while, culminating with a vibrator and a pussy-clenching real orgasm, showing some beautiful vaginal spasms as Alice loudly moans with pleasure. She's got a beautiful open peephole to match her even larger open cunt-hole, and when the speculum finally comes out, Alice still gives us some luscious wet finger spreads and gapes. Nice, Alice!
The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: INSIDE ALICE NICE - October 27, 2016.

Format: MPEG-4
Size: 680 MiB
Duration: 15 min 28 s
Resolution: 720 x 1 280
Antivirus status: Safe

Inside Alice Nice

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