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Inside Steffi

5 November 2019
Inside Steffi

Date: OCTOBER 19, 2016
Title: Inside Steffi
Models: Steffi
Site: pjgirls.com
Description: Steffi, a beautiful MILF we have seen before, starts this video the way many on PJGirls has started before. She's already naked, knees up, legs spread wide open, a speculum stretching her shaved cunt wide open with beautiful lighting so we can all see exactly what we want—deep inside her gaping vagina, her fotzenloch, her omanko, the thing we guys all desire, held open for us to appreciate, worship, and derive pleasure from.

Steffi has the speculum in sideways and she massages her soft breasts and rubs her clit while the camera zooms in for a wet closeup. Her cervix is bright and shiny, and we can see the threads from the IUD as her breathing gets heavy while she pleasures herself (and stretched wide open, we get to watch). Her moans and deep-throated sighs shows that she enjoys what she's doing for us, and she levels-up the game by licking a hitachit wand and massaging her nipples. When she lowers the vibrator to her clit, we see her face turn to ecstasy before is zooms in on her wide-open pink wetness.

We can see her vagina clenching in pleasure (and we hear her moans), and because this is PJGirls, we know that it is not faked (in fact, you can hear a Czech accent in her moans), and she orgasms for us, held wide open, while we look deep inside her (you can tell the orgasm is real from the sexual flush in her face and chest, and the vaginal contractions). After her orgasm, she takes a moment to recover and look at the camera, while the speculum continues to hold her cunt open for us to enjoy.

Then comes round two, this time in extreme closeup, where all you see is yawning Fotzenloch, wide open Omanko, gaping Cunt, and the vibrator starts slowly (so you can see her labia and clit wobbling) and then faster and faster until it is at high speed. This time we don't see her face when she climaxes (that OK, we get to look in her cunt), and we see her juices flowing, her vagina contracting, and after orgasm she opens up again so we can see her pink cervix. The speculum eventally comes out (aww!) but there is some more wet and noisy finger play before the video ends and Steffi finishes with a happy sigh.

But I need (after a a fews weeks of absence from writing video commentary) to get serious for a second. In our secret inner voices, we may call her "whore", we may say "good girl", we may say "spread it, bitch". That's okay, but that is a fantasy in our own minds. That is not reality.

In real life, this is a woman who is willingly showing us what we want because our photographer (and hopefully, all of us) respect her as a woman, as a person. We desire her wantonness, we desire her lewdness, but if we were to meet her on the street the next day, we would all (I hope) be polite, treat her honorably, knowing that what transpires between us in our secret horny fantasy world is consensual play between adults who agree to the game they are going to play, and that what happens later in polite society is polite.

In the US there is an election coming up, where one candidate has shown a tendency to treat women as objects. In our fantasies, on the website, objectifying a woman for her cunt is OK because it is all consensual. But in real life (and as the other candidate stresses), things are different.

I know that every member of this website loves pussy, omanko, fotzenloch, vagina, cunt (the bigger, more open, and wetter the better). I just hope that you all know that the object of our desire belongs to a human being worthy of respect, and treat women in real life differently than in the wonderful fantasy world that PJGirls gives us. Thank you for being gentlemen (and gentle men), and enjoy Steffi's wide open hole :-)
The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: INSIDE STEFFI - October 15, 2016.

Format: MPEG-4
Size: 467 MiB
Duration: 10 min 50 s
Resolution: 720 x 1 280
Antivirus status: Safe

Inside Steffi

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