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It is Nothing Part 1

5 November 2019
It is Nothing Part 1

Title: It is Nothing Part 1
Models: Tess Dagger
Site: realtimebondage.com
Description: Tess Dagger likes to be submissive. She quickly takes on the name of Nothing as prescribed by the members. And is determined to earn it's name back by taking whatever punishment we dish out. We start with it kneeling on sandpaper.It is pulled up in a spread eagle position and barely allowed to put it's toes on the ground. The whip and cane tenderize it's meat while it struggles to hold itself up. If it didn't enjoy the punishment so much it wouldn't be able to endure.Bottle caps are tapped to it's abdomen. They are wrapped tightly so they bite into it's skin. It's face is covered with pantyhose and it's mouth is covered with tape to create an INSEX gag.

Format: MPEG-4
Size: 3.03 GiB
Duration: 57 min 1 s
Resolution: 720 x 1 280
Antivirus status: Safe

It is Nothing Part 1

Categories: BDSM / Bondage
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