» » Butt3rflyforU - Step-Mommy Shows How Babies Are Made

Butt3rflyforU - Step-Mommy Shows How Babies Are Made

19 December 2020
Butt3rflyforU - Step-Mommy Shows How Babies Are Made

Title: Butt3rflyforU - Step-Mommy Shows How Babies Are Made
Description: Step-Mommy is making your favorite dinner tonight... roast in the oven!!! Step-Daddy is again away on business trip so it's just you and me honey for dinner!!! You mention that step-mommy has a bun in the oven! I look rather shocked and surprised and asked you where you learned that. You reply that you heard it at school today. You aren't really sure what it means but I explain that babies are not made and born in a literal oven. That is just an expression when I step-mommy is pregnant. You are very curious and ask step-mommy if step-mommy can please show you exactly what happens to make a baby! "Oh honey, step-mommy can't do that". It's a very personal and private thing that happens when two people love each other. You tell me that you love me and that step-mommy loves you. You flash your sweet smile at step-mommy too!!! You know step-mommy can't resist your beautiful smile! "Sweetheart.....I can't actually show you.....oh my goodness..."....You beg and plead with step-mommy!!! Ok Ok Ok...I can't resist you...step-daddy isn't home....the roast has 30 minutes left! Ok, honey, hold my hand and follow me into step-mommy's bedroom....but you can't tell anyone who taught you how babies are made! It is our little secret....come in here and let step-mommy explain how this happens.......Enjoy!!!TABOO, MILF, AGE REGRESSION, IMPREGNATION FANTASY, SEX ED, CREAMPIEPrice: $12.99 USD<

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