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Bratty Step Daughter D.r.u.g.s.. And Blackmails Step Daddy

20 December 2020
Bratty Step Daughter D.r.u.g.s.. And Blackmails Step Daddy

Title: Bratty Step Daughter D.r.u.g.s.. And Blackmails Step Daddy
Description: Hi, I hope you�re enjoying that drink I made you. I know you�re my new step dad and we haven�t had any quality time together yet. So I thought I�d make you a drink and we could get to know each other. I�m so happy to have a new step daddy. What�s the matter? Are you feeling a little bit weak? Just relax and go with it. Don�t think too hard. Just let your mind drift to where it wants to. I see that look in your eyes, daddy. So why don�t we cut to the chase, how long have you wanted to fuck me? You can�t deny it, I can see it on your face, daddy. You�ve wanted to fuck me since day one, haven�t you daddy? And I don�t blame you, I mean I�m barely legal and I know how hot I am. And I know my mom doesn�t compare to me, does she? But I think there�s more to this daddy. Do you wanna know what I think? I think you have feelings for me too. You�re in love with me too, aren�t you? I�m not surprised, I mean what is there not to love about me? I�m not only your hot barely legal step daughter, but I�m also cute and sweet, it would be hard not to fall hard for me. So since you�re feeling a bit woozy, you see I laced your drink, you�re going to do something for me. And if you don�t, I�m going to my mom and I�m going to tell her everything you just confessed to me. And I have proof. You see I�ve been recording this conversation on my phone. So take your clothes off daddy. That�s a good daddy. Completely naked. Now stand there while I take a few pictures, lol! You�re so stupid daddy, lol! Now I want you to start jerking off to me. Do it or I�ll text these pictures to my mom. Your dick is already hard, you sicko! That�s it, give in and jerk it. I know you want to, you do it all the time anyway when I�m not around. And to make it worse you�re in love with me! I know I�m impossible to resist. And now I�m right in front of you so you might as well take advantage of the situation. Go on, jerk off to me, daddy. So since I have these pictures and recordings, here�s what�s going to happen. I want a raise in my allowance. You�re gonna pay me every week. Keep jerking daddy. You�re gonna take me shopping and buy me everything I want. I mean you�re so lucky. How many other step daughters would let their step dads jerk off in front of them? You should be thanking me daddy. Oh and one more thing daddy, you�re never allowed to fuck my mom again. You�re just going to jerk your dick off for me whenever I want. You need to save your cum for me because I know how stupid I make you. I know how bad you want me, how much you love me. You�re going to jerk off to me for the rest of your life and you�re never gonna fuck my mom again because if you do, I�m gonna tell her everything. Jerk it harder and faster, I know how bad you want to cum for me daddy. But you�re not allowed until I say. I want you to see you�re under my control now, daddy. Now cum for me daddy, make a big mess for me. TABOO, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, BLACKMAIL FANTASY, DADDY'S GIRL, BRAT GIRLS<

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