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Right Where It Belongs

20 December 2020
Right Where It Belongs

Title: Right Where It Belongs
Description: The table is awkwardly positioned beneath the heavy glass table top. Motionless and objectified, it is not even human. The honor of holding up My perfect legs and stilettos is the only value this table has. For hours, this table remains still and waiting ready to be used for it’s existence. Still, sometimes the table finches and squirms under My sharp metal heels. With more training I expect it to not even blink. I notice something between the table legs….maybe I should get rid of the odd thing between its legs… As I rub My sole on it, it starts to grow, harder and harder. The table is helpless and remains as still as possible as I bring it to the edge. Full tight balls desperately wishing to cum. Only to be flattened beneath the glass table top as I rest My feet on it, right where it belongs.<

Categories: Femdom
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