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Amber Alder - Momma

21 December 2020
Amber Alder - Momma

Title: Amber Alder - Momma
Description: Mom comes home from her morning jog. She is wearing a new, tight jogging suit that shows off her perfect tits and ass. She smiles at her son and says good morning. She asks him what he thinks of her new outfit while showing off her body. She giggles when he compliments her. She tells him that all the men she dates don’t love her the way he does. She says she wants a real man to take care of her. A family man. She hasn’t been able to find one since dad left. She smiles and hugs her son, pressing her tits against his chest for emphasis. She tells him she is all sweaty and that she will take a shower. She slowly walks away, showing off her perfect ass to her son. He agrees.In the bedroom, mom and son are sitting on the bed. Mom reminds her son that she wants a family man in her life. She knows that her son is always there for her, loves her more than anything and finds her very desirable. She asks if he has ever fantasized about having sex with her. He admits he has. She asks if he has ever had a woman’s mouth around his cock. He hasn’t. She smiles and says she wants to be his first. She slides his cock into her mouth and gives him his first blowjob. She stops when he is about to cum. She says she doesn’t want him to cum in her mouth. She steps back and slowly starts stripping off her bikini. Once she is naked, she climbs on top of him and…<

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