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Mommy Julie - Sniffing Mommy’s Panties

22 December 2020
Mommy Julie - Sniffing Mommy’s Panties

Title: Mommy Julie - Sniffing Mommy’s Panties
Description: I know what you’ve been doing, baby boy. I know you’ve been going through Mommy’s dirty laundry. Pulling out my worn panties. Did you just take a quick sniff at first before shoving them back into the pile? Then getting a little braver and spending a few minutes with them.Mmm, did you feel embarrassed at first? How your cock got instantly hard when you inhaled the smell of mommy’s pussy? Then you couldn’t help yourself. You took a pair to your room, one hand jerking off while you held mommy’s panties to your face, breathing in the scent of me.Mommy noticed I’m missing a bunch of my favorite panties. And where did I find them? In your bedroom.Before I discovered your little collection today, I had to go out and buy more. Here, take a look, as I’m sure you know, these are new. Do you like how they’re a little bit sheer? How you can see Mommy’s pussy through them.I’ve been wearing them all day now. And I have to confess baby boy, having this talk with you, knowing what a dirty, perverted little panty sniffing boy you are…well, you have mommy’s pussy all wet.Here, let me slip them off…. Go ahead, I want to see you do it. I want to see you bury your face in them while they’re fresh, while my pussy juices are still wet on them. That’s right baby boy. Now don’t be shy, let mommy see how you stroke yourself…. God, your cock is so hard. Mmm, yes, that’s right, doesn’t mommy smell good?Mmm, just watching you…I can’t help but touch myself. Watch mommy play with her pussy baby boy. Oh yes, mommy wants you to cum for her.<

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