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Lindsey Leigh - True Cucky Treat

22 December 2020
Lindsey Leigh - True Cucky Treat

Title: Lindsey Leigh - True Cucky Treat
Description: I have a treat for my little cucky today. You've been such a good boy lately and you deserve a release. Now you look excited like I am gonna help or that you can use your hands.. no. Why would you think that? If you're getting off I want to be laughing. Ive grabbed my boyfriends oldest, dustiest, stingiest pair of shoes, I want you to sniff and hump them. I want to see your eyes roll back and your dick get hard from smelling a mans shoe. I want to see you change from adoring me to adoring these sneakers for my amusement. Watch me while you fuck his shoe and listen to me carefully as I instruct you how to hump. I want you to cum in that stinky shoe, thank me, then beg me to buy them. Aw little cucky, how do you like be used as my toy?<

Categories: Femdom
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