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Carlie - JOI: Be My Jerk Junkie

23 December 2020
Carlie - JOI: Be My Jerk Junkie

Title: Carlie - JOI: Be My Jerk Junkie
Description: I know what you’re good for…and the only thing you’re good for. Jerking off is all your good for. If you’re going to be addicted to jerking off to me, than I am going to make it your full time job. I’m going to make you my personal little jerk junkie, do you like that? If you’re going to begging and pleading to jerk it to me all the time than you need to dedicate yourself. Prove to me that you’ll be my jerk junkie who will only jerk it to me from now on. You and your dick are going to be mine. All you want to do is jerk off to me and I know it, I’m going to take advantage of your junkie behavior and make you my jerk junkie. Are you good enough? Can you last long enough? Can you follow instructions and cum on command? Prove to me that you can stroke your cock for me exactly how I tell you to and when I tell you to. You’re all excited just thinking about it…so take your dick out for me. You’re going to start right now. You will follow my instructions and you will cum when I command you to. Understand, my little jerk junkie?<

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