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Goddess Alexandra Snow - Tit Zombified

23 December 2020
Goddess Alexandra Snow - Tit Zombified

Title: Goddess Alexandra Snow - Tit Zombified
Description: I know you're sitting there, completely enraptured by my breast. Don't be ashamed, there are few men in the world that resist the swell of my perfect tits. There's very little in the world I can't get with these tits. They're weapons of mass manipulation. You can't even keep your wits about you when my tits are in view. Without thought or control, you automatically reach for your cock with just the thought of my tits. You ache to feel their soft warmth. All men do. I've known for many years the power of my tits. They have their own gravitational pull. They have a power all of their own. This is why I've been so successful. I've been able to use the zombification of all the men around me to my advantage. You're always going to lose your mind when it comes to my breasts. You can't help it, after all. It's biological magic.<

Categories: Femdom
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