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AstroDomina - Spend Until You Drop

23 December 2020
AstroDomina - Spend Until You Drop

Title: AstroDomina - Spend Until You Drop
Description: This is a compilation of some of my best Financial Domination videos of the last year. Go ahead and see how long you and your wallet last. 1. Color Of Money The color of money is green of course. It represents power, lust, greed, all the things that sound so hot when Sydney says them. It makes the world go round and round, and giving Sydney your money makes your world spin. Sure, she has already accumulated a ton of money from you throughout the years, and you keep on giving and giving and giving because that’s what turns you on too. You enjoy giving her all your hard earned cash don’t you. It’s way more sexy when Sydney spends it. Despite the fact Sydney already has a ton of money, you keep wanting to give her more and more. Even if she’s swimming in $100 bills, you’re still inclined to send her more. Anything to get Sydney’s attention. 2. $1,000 Boner Challenge Sydney made you a bet.. you’ve saved up $1000 to accept her challenge – to dare to try not to get a boner, not jerk off to her insane teasing. She’s going to make it extremely difficult for you of course, and if you DO get a boner, then yes you will have to send her the entire $1,000. She could definitely use that to purchase some new shoes or clothes, take her friends out for a night on the town, or even go on a hot date! So you know she’s going to try her best to get it from you. So let’s begin shall we? She orders you to take off all your clothes and start by going to take a cold shower to reset your dick to a cold, damp state. It’s only fair to give you as much of an advantage as possible! And you’re going to need it little astrobot. so go ahead! Pause this video and go shower in the cold and get ready for the challenge! When you get back she is beaming at you in all her Goddess glory. She launches into exactly the things you love to hear, how she loves to spend your money, how you know she deserves it more than you, all while seductively playing and touching her hot sexy Asian body. Dare to try to resist, but already the heat is getting intense.. try to resist touching your dick because you know how painful it will be if you lose! Let the games begin! How will you fare in the face of her intense teasing and financial domination talk? Watch now and take a chance jerkoff! 3. Mistress Astro’s Beta Boot Bitch Welcome to my bedroom, she says. After picking you up from the party, Sydney took you home based on the costume you wore. Also, you following her around all night must have been an indication as to what you really wanted. What was it that drew you to her? Was it the costume? No. Was it the make up? No, that wasn’t it either? It’s actually pretty obvious with how hard you’ve been staring at her legs. It must be the boots then. Look at them, so gorgeous. And Sydney obviously wears them so well. It makes her calves look majestic. Just when you thought you were gonna get lucky, Sydney demands your wallet. She already knows you fancy her, she already knows you’re expecting something kinky. Sydney’s kink, much to your surprise, is financial domination. A beautiful woman like Sydney dominating someone like you for money. Cash, gift, tributes, you name it. If there’s any chance for you to get what you want, you’ll have to indulge Sydney in what she wants. As she explains all the things she plans to do with your money, you’re slowly starting to understand why this is something you’ll inevitably submit to. 4. Stroking, Sniffing, Spending So, you get to meet Sydney again. You are the follower of her voice. Your ever lasting journey to seek out her mind fuck games. And you are just in time because Sydney is in the mood to play with you. Play with your emotions. Your sanity. Are you prepared for this? Financially? Mentally? Physically? Do you have something ready to consume? A credit card? Your dignity? You won’t need that last item. At this point, you already know there is no chance in hell you’ll make it out sober. Get that first shot or hit ready! And get ready to get fucked up! There are many more to come. And don’t lose sight of your credit card either! 5. Mistress Astro Fucks You Over You must be so excited to see your expensive Goddess. Well she is too. Excited enough to flip you off right away. So much to discuss today. All of them related to how you’re going to pay up. You know you want to. How about some automatic payments for the Goddess? How can you resist her demands? After all, she is wearing the outfit you got her recently. Don’t expect Her to be nice about it, she know what she deserves, and you’re just the one to give it to Her, regardless of how you get rewarded. Or not. The nicely manicured middle finger in your face will have to be sufficient reward for now. 6. Financially Fucked By Astro’s Feet Sydney knows your type, average everything with a mediocre job, who happens to be a submissive beta with an addiction to hot Asian Goddesses like her. And not just any Goddess, the kind that will tease you and take your money and leave you dripping and desperate. But that’s not all, she also knows you have a huge thing for her legs and feet! Not only are you a weak fin-sub beta boy, but you’re a total foot freak too! But she loves using your pervy fetishes against you. It doesn’t matter to her that you can’t afford to spend on her, she wants it anyway! She gets such a thrill from ruining little beta boys, it makes it even sweeter for her knowing she’s taking your rent money or food money. You’re just going to have to get a second job because she knows you can’t resist her, especially as she talks about taking it all while dangling her heels on her Goddess toes. So listen to Sydney describe how she’s going to take it all from you, every last penny, knowing you can’t stop her. She might just show up one day and demand your wallet, then all your credit cards, then all of your belongings! Her greed is NEVER satiated and you love giving everything to her. Just keep your hand on your cock and give her worship strokes as she drains your dignity and your wallet! Jerking off is free anyway right? Well, maybe not for foot freak beta boys!<

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