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Bad Dolly - Can I See Your Cock Daddy

23 December 2020
Bad Dolly - Can I See Your Cock Daddy

Title: Bad Dolly - Can I See Your Cock Daddy
Description: Your teenage daughter Dolly has been building up the courage to ask you something and has finally found the right moment. She’s off to college soon and as she is an inexperienced virgin she doesn’t want to be the only girl in her dorm who has never seen a man’s penis. All her friends have had experiences with boys but Dolly is behind and worried her lack of experience will be a problem when it comes to dating. Dolly thinks if she see’s your cock then she will be at an advantage, after all who could have better penis than her daddy who is good at everything? You are reluctant at first but she convinces you that it’s much better if you let her see and touch your cock, then leaving her in the hands of a stranger at college. You agree you are the better option and as her father think it’s best that she knows what a real man looks and feels like. She can see under your trousers your cock is already beginning to grow and get hard, she cannot believe the size of it! After begging you to show her your big hard cock you finally give in and get it out for your virgin teen daughter.<

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