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Ashley Alban - Scrooge Boss Gets Trained

23 December 2020
Ashley Alban - Scrooge Boss Gets Trained

Title: Ashley Alban - Scrooge Boss Gets Trained
Description: You are at your offices holiday party when you go into the kitchen area and find you boss sipping her drink. Even though its a party she is very serious and reminds you that you still need to give her your report tomorrow morning. She is so uptight all the time. You decide that she needs to loosen up so you pull out your female training app on your phone. It plays a tone and you boss immediate starts acting like shes Tipsy. You like it. Maybe shell forget about the report. But low and behold, even though shes wasted she still mentions your work. You have an idea to distract her.You use your app again. This time when your boss comes out of her trance she starts flirting with you. She tells you that she finds you very attractive and is always sneaking looks at you throughout the day. She tells you that she really wants you. She begs you to let her see your dick. She gets down on her knees. When you pull it out she tells you how amazing it is. She takes off her dress and bra. She starts giving you the best blowjob ever. She sucks you, deep throats you and looks up at your with her pretty eyes. She continues to suck you until you cum right in her mouth. After, you ask about your report, and she tells you not to worry about it.<

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