» » Kinki Cory - Cory Chase, Molly Jane - Full Gym Experience

Kinki Cory - Cory Chase, Molly Jane - Full Gym Experience

23 December 2020
Kinki Cory - Cory Chase, Molly Jane - Full Gym Experience

Title: Kinki Cory - Cory Chase, Molly Jane - Full Gym Experience
Description: Alex has come to join Cory's gym. Molly greets him and agrees to be his trainer. “I'm going to need to see you with your cloths off to test your body fat and muscles” Molly tells him. She pinches around his body as Alex stands nervously. She asks him to do some push-ups to start. As he starts she says “We're just going to insert this” sticking a dildo in his ass. “What? Are you sure.” He does the push-ups. “This doesn't seem normal” he tells her. She tells him it's helping him complete the push-up correctly so he keeps going. Molly giggles as she pushes the dildo in all the way. “It's to keep your gluts tight as you push up” she tells him.Keeping the dildo in his ass she has him do some sit ups. Grabbing his balls she says “I can feel your not doing these sit-ups right”Scene Two: Pain test“Good job” Molly says. Cory walks in with a huge strap on dildo asking “Are you ready for squats?” Alex's eyes go huge “I'm not sure about that, were probably good for today” The girls make him stand up. Cory lays on the ground with her huge cock in the air and tells him to straddle and squat over her. His face is a look of pain and humiliation as he fucks himself in the ass. “Feel the burn!” Cory tells him.Now we need to stretch. Molly grabs onto his penis making him thrust forward and back. His cock slides through her hands making him hard. “There you go, lets go a little faster now” she tells him. With him turned on Molly tells Cory “I think he's ready for the pain threshold test”“What's that?” Alex asks in a scared voice. The girls tell him to lay down and spread his legs. Cory roughly inserts her finger into his ass while Molly sucks him. The pleasure from his dick being sucked by such a hot girl is mixed with the pain from Cory's fingernails ripping him from the inside as she finger bangs him. It's too much for him and he cums in Molly's mouth, making the girls smile. As he catches his breath Cory starts to jerk him again and Molly rubs his balls. He winces in pain from his cock being used after orgasm. This is the best workout and the worst Alex has ever had.<

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