» » Astrodomina, Ellie Idol - ASS IN LEOTARDS

Astrodomina, Ellie Idol - ASS IN LEOTARDS

23 December 2020
Astrodomina, Ellie Idol - ASS IN LEOTARDS

Title: Astrodomina, Ellie Idol - ASS IN LEOTARDS
Description: Sydney and Ellie Idol are here today to tease the FUCK out of you ass worshippers. Get double the dose of perfect Goddess ass in your face. Sydney doesn’t waste any time oiling up Ellie’s ass slowly, describing how soft it is and how you will NEVER get to touch it! You only get to watch and jerk in total desperation and that’s exactly how these Goddesses want you!They take turns rubbing oil on each other’s backsides, dripping it down and slowly rubbing it in. You’re left with two amazing shiny oily Goddess asses to worship! They encourage you to jerk it as they play with each other, obviously enjoying each other’s ass. Make sure to ask them if you can cum, just so they can laugh in your face and tell you NO!No, you just have to sit there and stare and drool and let the power of their asses take over your brain! You had better do what they say if you really want to be allowed to cum at the end of this JOI asstastic marathon!Click here to view Ellie Idol’s store!<

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