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All About Pedicure

30 June 2018
All About Pedicure

Date: 03 Jun 2014
Title: All About Pedicure
Models: Jenny Simons, Victoria Daniels
Site: vipissy.com
Description: As Victoria and Jenny spend the afternoon indulging each other with pedicures, the naughty pair decides to add an extra element to pamper their feet. When Jenny spreads her legs to reveal her bare pussy and begins to let a stream of hot urine go, Victoria is quick to slip her soft feet directly under the dripping fluid, giggling as the warm drops tickle her toes. Positioned on hands and knees, the aroused brunette pushes out her own river of golden piss, soaking both girls' lower extremities. Not wanting to let any of this precious liquid go to waste, Jenny raises her girlfriend's feet to her mouth and sucks the warm droplets right off of Victoria's toes. By the time this devious duo has finished showering in the hot urine poured from a large glass bowl, all they can think about is the overwhelming need for orgasm. Fingers and toes bring both girls the satisfaction they crave, and now they have one last warm, wet treat for each other, leaving them tingling with pleasure and soaked from head to toe.

Format: MPEG-4
Size: 539 MiB
Duration: 34 min 53 s
Resolution: 720 x 1 280
Antivirus status: Safe

All About Pedicure

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Categories: Pissing
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