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Nicole and Kattie

30 June 2018
Nicole and Kattie

Date: 25 Dec 2013
Title: Nicole and Kattie
Models: Kattie Gold, Nicole Vice
Site: vipissy.com
Description: Nicole and Katty love trying new things in their relationship. They decided tonight would be a good night to play with a little piss. They saw it once on a site and decided it would be exciting to try. They get a few props, a bowl, some ice, a few toys. Anything they could think of to make it fun. They start with the ice and bowl. The urge to pee starts almost immediately and Nicole stands up and uses the bowl to catch her piss. Katty plays with it through her panties, letting it run down her warm. Nicole is quick to lick it up. They are so turned on now. They begin kissing playing around, pouting piss all over and lapping it up. They explore every inch of each others body and make sure to taste the urine in every crack. Katty spreads herself open and invite Nicole to piss inside her. You don't want to miss Nicole sucking it out of her tight wet pussy. Soon they bust out the toys and really get the juices flowing. Check out the flow of piss the erupts from their tight twats in this amazing piss video.

Format: MPEG-4
Size: 471 MiB
Duration: 30 min 59 s
Resolution: 720 x 1 280
Antivirus status: Safe

Nicole and Kattie

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